Swim, Snorkel & Sun | MALDIVES

BeFunky_img_2431.jpgMaldives Dreamer

A lover of everything Maldives, Irene from Norway was lucky enough to send herself to the Maldives more than a couple of times!  She’s passionate about underwater photog. and snorkeling.

—  put your feet in the sand, all the stress and exhaustion from your journey washes away in an instant. The glorious heat embraces you,  the beaches are so white that they almost look unreal, the palm trees are lush and green, and all you can see is water in so many shades of blue and turquoise that it seems impossible…. Read More

Victor Travel Blog

Victor is a personal fitness trainer with globetrotting listed as his hobby.  He makes short international trips, four to five times a year with his wife.  With 22 countries visited and still counting, Maldives made one of the biggest impression on him. 

— This earthly paradise is worth visiting at least for a while. Sunrises and sunsets are unbelievably wonderful here. The first day on Reethi Island presented us with the opportunity to swim with a big turtle, and a day later we met it again. It is such a pleasure watching them in their native habitat! … Read More

The Life of Reilly Blog

Reilly is a backpacking male who sets off travelling the globe since July, 2013 with his girlfriend. 

— Male is a colourful, quaint, small scale sprawl of an island in the middle of the most beautiful aqua blue sea.  Many tourists don’t really experience Male, Others choose not to see it, but I think it’s worth spending a day or two here before heading to a nice resort, just to provide a flavour of Maldivian life that won’t be seen in a 5-star resort island.Read More


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